Lead Investors

Lake Forest Pharma Investments, LLC

Lake Forest Pharma Investments LLC (“LFP”) is the founder of, and a significant shareholder in, Altan Pharma Ltd. LFP was formed by four senior pharmaceutical executives for the purpose of identifying, acquiring and developing undervalued assets in the specialty pharmaceutical segment. The LFP partners have extensive global experience in the pharmaceutical market and will draw on that experience to provide strategic and operational guidance to Altan and its portfolio companies.

Malin Corporation Plc

Malin Corporation Plc (“Malin”) is the majority investor in Altan Pharma. Malin is an Irish incorporated public limited company. Its purpose is to create shareholder value through the selective long-term application of capital and operational expertise to private, pre-IPO, pre-trade sale operating businesses in dynamic and fast growing segments of the life sciences industry. Through its operational involvement, Malin works with its investee companies to enable them to reach the full potential of their value proposition and to achieve commercial success. For more information visit www.malinplc.com